LOVE LEE DESIGNS is a 100% custom-made fashion line aiming to show aspiring creatives that anything is possible once you truly believe in yourself. Ever since I can remember I've had dreams of becoming a fashion designer but I did not quite know what steps I needed to take to get there. After two years of trying to get into Ryerson University's Fashion Program and being put on the waiting list, I decided to go for my plan B. Fast forward four years and I ended up graduating from York University with a BA in Communications and I started working in the corporate world. After my contract was up I knew it was finally my time to take the leap and go after my dreams of becoming a fashion designer. In wake of Youtube tutorials on the rise I knew I would be able to utilize my resources enough to be able to teach myself how to sew. After creating my first few garments and posting them on Instagram I was noticed by a jewellery designer and she offered me a position in her fashion show. At that exact moment I knew that it was time to fully step into my calling and as a result LOVE LEE DESIGNS was ready for take off!